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I wanted to use this platform to inform humans about dog behaviors and the myths associated with them.    #shihtzu #victoriastillwell #ceasorsway #guidingeyesfortheblind #aspca #furbaby #iHeartShihTzus #lifewithShihTzus #boy

A) Tail wagging.  

When I am pissed off, or as Mama says, hyperaroused, my tail will be wagging.  Humans will continue to let their dopey dogs near me and I will be ready to attack while my tail is wagging. Yes, humans, I will attack while my tail is wagging.  It happened one time with a vet. She was shocked, but later Mama said the vet was somewhat stupid.

Dogs communicate in many ways which include their tails. Since we come in all kinds of breeds, you will have to make a judgment based on that particular breed regarding the dog's intentions. Speed, height, and placement will give you the intended message. Since I have a gorgeous tail that looks fantastic when it is up I tend to keep it there when I strut my stuff.  Mark my words that when I am going to attack that tail is vibrating.


The following are doggy behavioral intentions related to their tail wag:


"Hello there."  I have a slight wag with a slow breadth.

"I am not challenging or threatening you, or I am pleased."  If I have a full wag and, especially if the hips sway with it, then this is friendly.

"You bitch."  If I display tiny, high-speed movements of my tail that look like the tail is vibrating; this is aggressive. If I had my tail unusually high while vibrating, then I mean business. If my tail is lower, it could mean "I'm gonna run."

"You are going to give me chicken sausages."  The tail wags more to the right side of my butt because I am really pleased.

"Don't you look at me like that." The tail wags more to the left of my butt because I am feeling aggressive.

"I am scared" or "ok you are the boss.". My tail is tucked between the legs. 

 "Mama I don't feel good." My tail is downward near towards the legs can mean I don't feel good or I am depressed. Yes, we get depressed.

"Look out humans and dogs I am strutting my stuff." My tail is carried up and slightly curved over my back displaying confidence.

"Ok,  I"m chill."  When my tail is carried lower in the horizontal position but not near the legs it means I am relaxed.

"Give me that.". My mama is eating, and I sit next to her.  I then use my paw to push her arm closer to my mouth while wagging my tail in a medium wave. Since I am sitting, I am never sure what the height of my tail is.

B) Staring.

Dogs staring at you is another way we are communicating with you. When I stare at Mama it can mean I love you, feed me, I am confused, or what's up? I will stare when I want attention. Sometimes we are trying to figure out what you want from us. When I am confused in training,  I will stare while waiting for the next command.  If I stare combined with a stiff body, then that stare likely means I am going to attack.  Sometimes, we just can't figure out what the hell you are doing.

 C) Yawning.

Mama came home from a conference stating that "when dogs yawn they are always aggressive" so she stared at me for months. She finally said, "nope sometimes you are just tired."

D) Chewing.

For years Mama has criticized my eating habits. When I would swallow whole, she would say "this is not holy communion you have to chew."  Now she understands that a dog's digestive system is different than a human one and we can digest whole items without chewing them. Of course,  the item has to be able to be swallowed without the dog choking.

A dog's esophagus can increase and expand five times its size to swallow food as well as letting large pieces pass through without any trouble. We don't need to chew food plus our strong stomach acid can handle it.

Sometimes I throw up when I have eaten too fast, and Mama never criticizes me. She just cleans it up and says it is okay.

I think that is enough for now. Please check back in for more myths about doggie behavior.

Since I will be running for president in 2020,  I am beginning to think of whom I should have in my cabinet?  If you have any ideas please leave them in the comments below.

This is how you manage your human on a walk.  Resist until you get a treat.

Profile:  Dr. Max is a 9-year-old Shih Tzu.  He lives in Riverdale, NY. 

Education:  Ph.Do. in Dogcology,  PUNY, (Pooch University of NY).  MA in Psychology,  Mutger's University, Bayone, NJ.  BS in Animal Behavior from Poundston College, NJ.  

Mission Statement:  To educate and bring to light issues that affect all animals but in particular, dogs.   

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