Friday, July 28, 2017


Dr. Max

I hope you are all enjoying your summer.  I am sure many of you have already traveled with your pet this summer, but I still wanted to give you some travel tips.

1.  Traveling by car with your pet:
It is better to have your cat in a safe carry case, and your dog harnessed and utilizing their pet-friendly seatbelt.  The harness attaches to a belt that should fit into the seat belt catch.  Truthfully, I don't use this because I am claustrophobic.
I can tolerate the harness and leash but draw the line at being locked into place. Since Mama got a new car, I like to ride shotgun. Each state requires their specific documentation for traveling with animals that may not be enforced, but make sure that you travel with up to date medical documentation.  A reminder that it may be against the law to drive with your pet in your lap.  Please do not let your dog hang out of the window because there are problems that can arise, e.g. dog gets something in his eye, etc.

2.  You can find pet-friendly hotels by googling "pet-friendly hotels."
Examples of the search are:‎
I am not endorsing these but giving you some examples.

3.  When making a reservation, notify the hotel you are bringing your pet.
Also call ahead to remind the hotel that you are traveling with your pet.  Hotels can make a mistake in booking and you don't want to get stuck.  Hotels keep certain rooms for pets so keeping them informed is essential.  You will pay a pet fee, but you will usually get a kit that contains a bowl, treats, etc.  

4.  Separate travel insurance  This is a plan that covers me if I get separated from the car in an accident so I should have an emergency phone number attached to my collar.  If Mama becomes injured, the insurance covers travel expenses for me to be delivered to a contact person.   Mama called, and the insurance is still in effect, but she will have to make up her own notification with information on it. Good luck with that.  

5.  Grooming your dog.  The summer can be hard on all dogs and especially with climate change, there are more storms and consistently high temperatures.
When getting a short cut on your dog,  please make sure not to have the cut too close to the skin.  Dogs do get sunburned.  If this happens then you can use baby suntan lotion because the doggy lotion is too expensive.  

6.  Brachycephalic dogs are shorter-nosed, flat-faced dogs like me.  They have more of a difficult time breathing.  These dogs can be more susceptible to heat stroke, heart attacks, and dehydration.  A reminder that flying with this breed of dog can be problematic.  Please make sure to keep your dogs hydrated and this includes all breeds.  

7.  Flying with your pet:
Brachycephalic dogs are not allowed on many airlines because there have been deaths due to problems breathing.  
Check with the airlines before you fly with Rover, Kitty or Thumper.  You may find having your dog, cat or rabbit traveling in cargo is just not worth it.  Animals can get lost or mistreated creating casualties. 
Cats can usually fit into a carrier under the seat in front of you.  The cat may get a bit buggy so you may want to sedate it before take-off.

I have determined that only small dogs can fit into that space under the seat in front of you.  Another airline rule is that the dog should be able to stand in the case and turn around.  Prior to attaining knowledge of breathing problems with my breed, Mama measured my case, and it did not fit.   Also, you will have to pay a fee for your pet.

8.  Boating with your pet
It is a good idea to put a life jacket on your dog when boating.  Your pooch may choose an inconvenient time to jump or fall of your boat.  Do remember to keep the dog in the shade and if needed put the baby suntan lotion on and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

I have not traveled too much lately but did enjoy my road trips to Florida,  North Carolina, and Massachusetts.   I look forward to more road trips and will pass on any new tips that come up.  Please get back to me about anything I may have missed here.

Dr. Max is a 10-year-old Shih Tzu.  He lives in Riverdale, NY. He was born in Bayone, NJ and adopted at age 2 1/2.

Education:  Ph.Do. in Dogcology,  PUNY, (Pooch University of NY).  MA in Psychology,  Mutger's University, Bayone, NJ.  BS in Animal Behavior from Poundston College, NJ. 

Mission Statement:  To educate and bring to light issues that effect all animals but in particular, dogs.   

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