Sunday, December 25, 2016

Dr. Max wishes you safe and happy holidays.

Profile:  Dr. Max is an 9-year-old Shih Tzu living in Riverdale, NY.

Qualifications:  Ph.Do., PUNY (Pooch University of NY), MA in Psychology, Mutger's University, NJ; BS, Poundston College, NJ.

The topic is A safe holiday for your pets.    I wanted to remind everyone that though this is hopefully a happy time please remember some simple rules to keep your precious family members safe. 

It has been one year since I have posted and this will be a repost from last year.  Mama has not been cooperative in posting but agreed it was necessary to repost this blog because it is an important one. I wanted to add that a few days ago it was our 7th Anniversary.  That's right Mama adopted me 7 years ago and I let her know who was boss right away.  

9 Foods that can be dangerous for your dog:

 (picture from Pinterest)

Turkey breast - high fat foods can lead to pancreatitis.
Sage - contains oils dangerous for your dog and can cause indigestion.
Nuts - Can a have a reaction within 12 hours=vomiting, inability to stand and tremors. Symptoms can either go away or lead to deadly shock.
Cooked bones - These can splinter inside your dog's digestive tract and cause major problems.
Nutmeg Using nutmeg in sweet potatoes and pumpkin can cause seizures if your dog consumes it alone or in these sides. It can lead to death in extreme cases.
Alcohol - Small amounts especially beer can cause life threatening toxicity. Hops in beer can cause elevated body temperature, racing heart, vomiting and sometimes death.
Chocolate, Dough and Batter - Small amounts of chocolate can harm them and dough can rise inside their bellies, which causes pain for your dog.Spare batter contains uncooked eggs, which are always a risk for Salmonella.

It is probably a good idea to keep them separated and stress free in a spare room or behind a gate. Cats, of course, can jump over a gate so do the best you can.  Do remember to pay some attention to them. They can have feelings of being overwhelmed or abandoned. 

3  Plants coming into your home that will have to be eliminated.
Mistletoe - especially berries
Holly - especially berries
Poinsettia - leaves, stem, leaves

There are many things that lie around and can be dangerous for your pet. Please be vigilant in keeping these things away from them.

Christmas trees - keep your pet supervised around them.  

7 decorations to be mindful of:

Imitation snow - hazardous if ingested.
Preservatives on your tree - they can leach into the water in the bowl and your pet will drink that.
Edible ornaments - Too much sugar can cause a rush, glue used could be toxic, materials can be poisonous or hazardous.
Lit candles - Enough said.
Christmas lights - Keep the strands away from the bottom where a cat or dog can easily chew on the electric cords. Make sure the end of the extension cord is tucked away so your pet cannot get to it.
Angel Hair - Finely spun fiberglass used in vintage decorations but has since been taken off the market.  Don't use old decorations made from angel hair. Newer versions made from PVC can also cause health concerns.
Tinsel - The most dangerous holiday decoration for your pets. Just ingesting a few strands of tinsel by your pet is highly likely to make your pet ill and even create deadly effects of an intestinal obstruction.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year and much more frequent posting by me.  I found a new groomer who does a good job of trimming my nails so it will be easier for me to type.

I would like to honor those that have gone over the rainbow bridge:
Maxine Kiefer Chaskin.  She was a sweet and wonderful baby.  She will be terribly missed.

Bella Ryan Buchholz She gave her Mama and siblings comfort and companionship that will be sorely missed.

Babe Morris passed over the rainbow bridge at age 21.

Molly Robinson's kitties passed over the rainbow bridge.


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